Mother and Daughter team, Susie Wooten and Makenzi Justus have always been the creative kind with big ideas. In 2007, they began making jewelry just for fun and often times would sell it while they were wearing it around town. They then decided it was time to have a way to sell what they were making in a different way. Since Susie held down a full time job, and Makenzi was a full time student in College, they decided to open a booth in a small store on Main Street in their hometown of Duncan, Oklahoma. They still had no name for this venture, even on the way to apply for their Tax Licenses, they were still rattling their brains about what to call this booth of theirs. They decided to combine their names and call it Sumac, adding the Trading Co. just because. They thought this name would work until they came up with something better. They had no idea what was to come from their little idea!

Their original booth was a tiny bookshelf, with just a handful of handmade items. With $500 from Susie's father, they decided to add a bit of clothing and a few home decor items. Every year, Sumac was growing, nearly doubling each year in size and inventory. Five years later, Susie was still holding down her full time job and Makenzi was just about to graduate from Oklahoma State University, with still no plans of what to do after graduation. Makenzi knew she was going to move back to Duncan but was wondering about what she would do, with thoughts of continuing her education or going into the insurance field, the talk came up about possibly opening a full fledged store. The idea was first laughed at and many said that it would never work!  But they thought what is there to lose? It was the perfect time to give it a try!

Fast forward to today. That idea of opening the store is possibly one of the best things either of them has ever done! Susie has left her full time job and is now helping Makenzi everyday at the store. Sumac has fully renovated and added another 2,000 square feet to their retail store and now occupies 4,000 square feet with everything from jewelry, women's clothing, shoes, home decor, accessories, vintage items and paper goods
We hope you love Sumac as much as we do! Stay awhile and we hope you find something you just can't live without!