Save LOCAL Tee


Help Save LOCAL!

We have teamed up with our long time partner, LivyLu to bring these tees to you. We all feel we are better when we support one another! 

Heres the scoop...

  • For every ONE tee sold, WE are purchasing a $10 gift card to a LOCAL restaurant! If you want to nominate* one leave a note at checkout- But please be sure the restaurant is in Stephens County, OK, if an out of area restaurant is nominated or if one is not nominated, we will select one of our choice. *nominating does not guarantee we will purchase from that specific restaurant.
  • We are then DONATING the gift cards to OUR LOCAL medical staff.
  • These tees are for preorder and will ship soon, in approximately 2-3 weeks, however due to current conditions we cannot guarantee a ship date. Please note, our storefront is currently closed due to COVID-19, if in- store checkout is selected, they will be ready for pickup when we REOPEN!